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Istanbul: Through The Eyes Of Saber.

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Istanbul. I went to paint at the “Meeting Of All Stars” painting event. Thanks to Met, Leo, Hero, Cream, and rest rest of the homies for taking such good care of us. Everybody I met was warm and open to making new friends. We walked the streets quite a bit, pretty much writing on everything in site. It was a pleasure to walk these ancient streets and see the sites and smells. Check out these photos of what the streets and architecture look like. We also went to Pera Muzesi to see the current Street art show. Definitely was a trip to see Graffiti art culture thriving in this ancient metropolis……..

Saber And Zes Mural Downtown LA And Photos

“Tags, Buff, And City Lights” Saber & Zes Abstract Mural Downtown LA.

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