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I Hear It Was Charged Against Me That I Sought To Destroy Institutions“…… -Walt Whitman

  •         11.walt.seri 12.walt.seri 13.walt.seri 14.walt.seri.halo2.xtra 14.walt.seri 15.walt.seri.halo3.xtra 15.walt.seri 16.walt.seri 17.walt.seri 18.walt.seri.halo.xtra 18.walt.seri 19.walt.seri 20.walt.seri 21.walt.seri 22.walt.seri 23.walt.seri 24.walt.seri 25.walt.seri 26.walt.seri 27.walt.seri 28.walt.seri 29.walt.seri 30.walt.seri 31.walt.seri 32.walt.seri 33.walt.seri 34.walt.seriStandard Edition: 13 / Signed, Numbered On Back
  • Print Dimensions: 20” W x 30″ H 
  • Print Substrate: Heavy Stock, Metallic Chrome Archival Paper With Polymer Coating
  • Hand-Crafted Deckle Edged Paper
  • Layered Hand Touched Spraypaint Details
  • Print Materials: Archival Acrylic Ink, Montana Spraypaint, and Etched In Ink Signiture
  • Each print comes with a signed COA
      – Edition Variation
      – Standard Edition: 72
      – Blue Artists Proofs: 30
      – Blue Dot Edition: 16
      – Holographic Light Spectrum Edition: 12
      – Hand Touched Artist’s Proofs Anomalies: 13
This print has a highly reflective metallic surface with a blue split fountain printed, spraypainted embellishments with glossy black. Each signature was etched into the wet ink creating textures in the inks surface. I also blasted with a fatcap a hand spraypainted color accent on top of the wet ink that created an interesting reaction that created a splattering bumbling texture.

This print was created at Pasadena City College in the Print Studio Department. A portion of these prints will be saved into the school’s archives. Only a portion of this edition will be available for sale through


-This serigraph was inspired by a Walt Whitman poem. Black and silver is a powerful statement on it’s own especially when written in spraypaint. So also is using the printing process as a form of communication. So I began searching for poems, quotes and statements, nothing in particular other than something that felt current or right with these fast paced times. Finally I stumbled on to this Walt Whitman poem and the first sentence really stuck with me. This sentence sets up the conflict between the structure of institutions and ourselves. There is no shortage of dissent or debate lately especially within the urban power structures and the greater systems as a whole. If these institutions exist or not exist it is still the bond of brotherhood that holds ideas together. Writing a poem in the late 19th century was just as potent of an artistic tool of dissent as writing on walls is today in the new millennia. The idea of dissent is as ancient as the first power structures, so is using art as the tool of dissent.

“I hear it was charged against me that I sought to destroy institutions, But really I am neither for nor against institutions, (What indeed have I in common with them? or what with the destruction of them?) Only I will establish in Mannahatta and in every city of these States inland and seaboard, And in the fields and woods, and above every keel little or large that dents the water, Without edifices or rules or trustees or any argument, The institution of the deer love of comrades.” -Walt Whitman

POWWOW!!! Images From Honolulu

This year I had the pleasure of attending POWWOW Honolulu 2015. This event hosts over 100 artists from around the world to paint on the island. I had the task of painting with my good friend Kevin Ancell. Of course our wall was one of the largest. Kicked our ass, Here I am in paradise and I spent the entire time in a dirty alley, but I did enjoy myself. I want to thank RVCA, Jasper and the POWWOW Team as well as Casey from The Seventh Letter. These are just a few of the walls that went down.

Website Launch Announcent: WWW.SABERONE.COM

Hey! I’m Back. ….

I am pleased to announce that will be active again. I’ve been busy the last two years raising two little people. Now, I find myself in a good place to engage this platform again. Through the website I will be making available limited edition serigraph prints and original artwork. I will be periodically updating blog post and if I get off my ass, some writing. I believe in keeping my art accessible to the people we inspire. I have some interesting things lined up this year so stay tuned….

And thank you


“Eviction” Giclee Print Release!!!


  • Edition Size: 15 Giclee’s / Signed & Numbered
  • Dimensions: 24” W x 18” H 20” W x 14” H, with 2” White Border
  • Materials: Epson Fine Art Cold Press Bright
  • Acid free, 100% cotton rag media with a bright textured finish. Epson UltraChrome HDR Pigment Inks
  • Portfolio: Each Giclee is displayed in a 26” W x 20” H Custom Designed Portfolio Created By SaberOne.
  • Each print comes with a signed COA


“Eviction” represents one painting from a large collection of SABER’s controversial flag series. Each original flag painting is a poetic exhibition of SABER’s activism toward the corruption of government and its activities. His ability to express a specific message through the medium of his fine art paintings is poignant. SABER has a natural ability to unify metaphor, visual symbolism, and the titles he gives his paintings that succinctly translates the zeitgeist streaming through our social media and machines of propaganda.“Eviction” was chosen as a commemorative giclee in recognition that art is both necessary as a mirror to our state of humanity, and a powerful medium that can bring awareness to social activism and responsibility and shift people’s perceptions. “Eviction” is offered as a one time Limited Edition, signed and numbered by SABER. This is the first digital reproduction of any of his flag paintings that is authorized for collecting. Ah!Giclee is the authorized printer for this giclee.Your “Eviction” Giclee will arrive in a custom portfolio designed by SaberOne.


“I want to give my viewers the opportunity to own a piece of my original art. The giclee format gives me the ability to make my paintings accessible. Eviction is one painting out of a large body of flags that I have painted. It represents how impermanent and ever-changing our world is”…….

“Color Of Music” Fusion Serigraph Print Release!!!



  • Standard Edition: 50 / Signed & Numbered
  • Print Dimensions: 18” W x 11 7/8” H
  • Print Substrate: Coventry Rag Watercolor Paper / 320gsm
  • Hand-Crafted Deckle Edged Paper
  • Multiple layers of hand touched spraypaint details, shadows, drips, color whips
  • Print Materials: Archival Acrylic Paint, Spray-Can Paint, and Metallic-Silver Paint Pen
  • Portfolio: 20” W x 15” H Custom Designed Portfolio
  • Each print comes with a signed COA


SABER’s FUSION SERIGRAPHS’ are Limited Editions that are part of the “Color of Music Series” specifically created for the launch of the new SABERONE website. The Fusion format has defined a new category of original art by creating a composite of innovative hand-crafted printmaking, spray can techniques with original hand-painting, expressed with the power of feeling and poetic metaphor. The question begs, “Is it a serigraph or is it an original multi-media painting?”…Thus the term Fusion Serigraph.

The technique for the “Color Of Music Fusion Serigraph” started with creating a Serigraph made-up of 6 separate hand-touched screens that are layered and printed on fine art watercolor paper. SABER then over-painted the Serigraph with his unique expression of spray-can art adding 17 different layers of strokes, shadows, drips and streaks creating this final deckle edged, multi-media piece of fine art.

Saber’s personal signature is in a metallic-silver paint that creates light streaks across the top of the artwork accentuating the palette of vivid saturated colors of green, blue, red, orange, purple, magenta, hot pink and yellow with a swash of acid lime green that is arrested against the buffed areas in warm gray tones.

Each print comes in its own custom designed portfolio created by SaberOne.


“To me, color is like music. Each hue and tone rings a certain vibration. It is alive with feeling. I began to feel a deep lack of vibrancy when our cities landscapes turned beige and gray silencing the colorful rhythm and symphonies of murals and art that is buffed-out everyday by city officials. This Fusion Serigraph represents a moment in time caught between the dance of two opposing forces of buffed beige and gray in contrast to the vivid and alive palette of the “Color Of Music”.